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How We Do It

Our process is comprised of two phases and a number of stages along the way.

1. Bidding

a. Meet with you and discuss the scope and details of the project (room layout, electrical and plumbing requirements, flooring choices and such), take measurements, and make a sketch of the layout. At this stage we will inquire about the fixtures and appliances you would like to install (unless you have already ordered or supplied them), and provide to you information and links to our suppliers to facilitate your search and help you in choosing the right products. Additional upgrades, like wet bar, shelving, storage space will be discussed and integrated into the project as well during this visit.


b. Prepare and present to you the cost estimate for labour, consulting, design and materials. The estimate will contain a brief description of the job, a drawing depicting the layout of the basement as to be finished and the payment schedule along the way. Usually, payments are scheduled and requested after finishing each stage of the project.


c. Once you accept our proposal and hire us to do the job, we will review and finalize the fixture and appliance order and you will be able to proceed with ordering. We will also hand out to you the Job Manual that contains the job description, execution stages, schedule, timelines, materials, tools, specific execution details (where needed). The Job Manual is not only a guide for you and us, but an accountability tool for you to follow the unfolding and development of the project. Before starting the job we will work with you to prepare and apply for the building permit and request from you the payment of the mobilization fee that will cover the costs to purchase the materials for the first stage of the project and preparing the site for work.

2. Construction

  1. Framing; square and mark the floor for wall and door locations, build and install frames (start with the areas where water supply is needed), build and install bulkheads, build framing for fireplaces, shelving , and other fixtures, install blockings around the walls and locations where fixtures (mirrors, towel/paper holders, cabinets) need to be installed. Call city to inspect and approve work.
  1. Plumbing 1st stage; brake concrete, relocate drain and venting pipes, install water supply lines, call city to inspect and approve the job, repair and level concrete floor. The work will be executed and supervised by our licensed plumber.
  1. Drywall; after framing and plumbing are completed, drywall will be installed and taped. This stage requires a sequence of mudding and sanding steps to ensure a smooth and free of defects surface, and it takes 6 to 8 working days to finish, depending on the size of the job.
  1. Doors, trim and baseboards; the doors, trim and baseboard can be installed before or after painting depending on the situation. Preferably we like to prime and paint the doors, trim and baseboards at least one coat before installation.
  1. Painting; apply primer to the ceiling and walls, apply two to three coats of paint to ceiling and walls, do final finishes. Apply final coat of paint on doors, trim and baseboards. We hire professional painters to ensure high quality of work.
  1. Flooring; install flooring as required. Vinyl planks will be installed in-house. For all other type of flooring we will hire professional trades.
  1. Plumbing 2nd stage; install vanity, shower stalls, toilet, and faucets. The work will be executed and/or supervised by our licensed plumber.
  1. Final touch-ups and inspection; call city and schedule final inspection.
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