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Welcome your family to a new, warm, breathtaking downstairs dwelling. Create an oasis of entertainment and tranquility in your home from start to finish — without hiring more than one contractor.

– Renovation & Redesign in One –

Order out of chaos

For years, your Collingwood & Blue Mountains neighbours have come to us to make their basement finishing as peaceful and relaxing as the final product.

Turn Your Basement Into Your New Living & Entertainment Space

Lockerbie, Collingwood April 2020 - Finished basement 1

Forget everything you know about basement remodeling! Hiring multiple contractors to finish your basement can be time-consuming, expensive and disharmonious. Your contractor for building & your contractor for design may not see eye-to-eye on your vision.

Ametrine Renovations does it all. The rare Ametrine gemstone brings balance, joy, and harmony, and just like that, you’ll be taken through a smooth, integrative, step-by-step process to design AND finish your basement — easily and without hassle.

We can also help you DIY by providing project, materials and sub-contractor management services while you work.

You’ll take a collaborative role in designing your finished basement far beyond your expectations. So much easier and faster than cobbling together the skill & talent yourself.


Your Neighbour’s Basement Might Be an Ametrine Project

No longer are you alone in your home’s basement — you & the kids now have a beautiful area to entertain, or just relax! See example projects below, or browse our Gallery.

What Families and Homeowners Say

Read your fellow happy clients’ experiences with Ametrine Renovations. You’ll get an idea of what to expect when choosing us to finish your basement.

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Lockerbie, Collingwood April 2020 - Finished basement 2