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Lubbock Metal Roofing

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Lubbock Metal Roofing

Are you searching for a Lubbock metal roofing contractor? Replacing your existing roof system warrants careful thought and consideration on the part of a homeowner. Make certain you contact a contractor that offers superior products and professional installation. The time you spend in researching local contractors will pay off in the long run.


Quality Exteriors carries and installs affordable steel and metal roofing options that offer exceptional durability and protection for your home. Metal offers numerous benefits over more traditional materials without compromising on style- and can even serve to save you money on your monthly bills, since metal is known to reflect radiant heat.


Metal roof panels from Quality Exteriors come in beautiful, interlocking panels that are strong and ultra-resistant to damaging wind. It surprises most homeowners to learn that a new metal roof system can last for more than 50 years and comes with low maintenance. Consider a few of the benefits you’ll experience by owning a metal roof:


– Metal is the most eco-friendly material option for roofing. From start to finish, metal roofing is a superior choice in this regard, since it is made from recycled metal and is able to be recycled again at the end of its lifespan. In many cases, a metal roof can be installed right over the top of your existing roof, saving time and eliminating the immediate process of hauling away your old roof.


– Compare the lifespan of a metal roof with that of a shingle or wood material roof and you’ll find that it outperforms in terms of providing you with a product that is able to better meet your needs. Some innovative metal roofing systems can offer up to 70 years of service to your home.


– Metal is extremely durable, resistant to high winds and almost indestructible by pests. In areas of heavy snowfall, metal is the optimum choice, since snow buildup typically slides off with little or no assistance from the homeowner. Contact the Lubbock metal roofing experts from Quality Exteriors to learn more.


– Style options in metal roofing systems are continuously growing. What once came in only a handful of options is now available in hundreds of colors, numerous textures and a variety of materials. Metal roofing panels that mimic the look of aesthetically pleasing roofing options is very popular today- and highly affordable, especially when considering the life of the product.


– Increase the energy efficiency of your home with metal roofing that reflects the heat transfer from the sun, as opposed to more traditional black asphalt shingles that absorb the sun’s heat.


Feel free to call Quality Exteriors at 806-792-2400 to request a free metal roof installation estimate or fill out the convenient online form and an expert will get back with you promptly. The most trusted Lubbock metal roofing contractor in the industry is renown for exceptional service, affordable products and quality installations. Call to ask about financing that will free you up from paying for your entire roof installation at one time.

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Lubbock Metal Roofing

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